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March 25, 2010

Comments- Why is there so much hatred in them

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I was reading an article on the dawn blog ” Confessions of a Hijabi” , I then moved to read the comments section. Yesterday I was reading an article on cnn about the new health care reforms and then the comments that followed the article.

After going through both of these experiences and numerous other similar ones, I have just one statement.. what is wrong with people and why is there sooo much hatred. Its like no one has patience anymore and people are always ready to pick a fight. if you read the comments section be it on you tube or on Dawn someone is forever fighting..

off to catch some zz but thought i should write this interesting observation.


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So been spending the last few days trying to figure out how to take the blog back from facebook. But i guess whats done is done. The blog stays there.
If anyone knows how to remove it from one’s profile. Pls let me know.


February 9, 2010

Student Health Center???

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Hubbys sick again. Decided to take him into the SHC at noon (student Health Center) and we were told there were no walk ins and that they were out of appointments for the day. No wonder UVA’s had student casualties with attitude like that from the SHC.

Then again the SHC is not unique in this attitude. THe state of the health system leaves much to be desired. In most cases then not, everytime I have needed a doc in an emergency, I’ve had to wait a few days. My reaction has been ” u want to kill the person before u agree to treat em”. Moral of the story – dont get sick in the US, B if you cant help it then plan on getting sick. First make an appointment for a few in advance and then fall sick 5 days later so that you can visit the doc within two days of falling sick.

over and out.

Snow Snow go away

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and we’re in for another snow storm. another 8-10inches expected. DC is going to get walloped once more. Interestingly, the three yrs that we were in DC, it never snowed more then a few inches, and the first winter that we are not in DC, they get 3 storms with 20 + snow fall.

Good timing is all I can say.

February 5, 2010

Winter Wonderland

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Its Friday afternoon, we already have 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground. The speed at which the snow is coming down has increased. Below are some pictures including some to be used as a comparison after tomorrow:)

Where have all the flu vaccines gone??

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Went to CVS yesterday for a flu shot. That was after waiting almost two weeks for a flu shot appointment, only to find out, the only flu vaccine available is the H1N1 vaccine.
The US govt,or the pharmaceutical companies or a combination of the two, expecting a really bad flu season, apparently decided to order lots of H1N1 vaccines. Unfortunately, with the regular flu season around the corner, it’s becoming extremely difficult to get the regular flu shot, at least in the cville area if not elsewhere.

That would explain why the new vaccine is available in stores for $10 while the regular flu vaccine, till last year, would cost anywhere from $20-$30. It would also explain the numerous adds encouraging people to get their H1N1 shots.

over n out

PS: snow in cville- we’re expecting anywhere from 18-28 inches- is this cville or chicago?

January 30, 2010


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I keep coming back to my blog, wanting to write, but not knowing what to write, been busy traveling, haven’t kept up with the news, but bday resolution is to get back to writing, even if it’s not related to politics.

The snow in cville has finally melted at least most of it. In all likelihood to create space for more in the near future.

I wrote the first 4 lines 10 days back. Sure enough its snowing again in cville. I wonder if DC will get a snow day again:) though the frequency of snow days has definitely come down since the Obamas came to town.

After the bad storm in December, most people in cville are now apprehensive about the term snow storm. The super markets were crowded. There was absolutely no space to park. Where normally one would park within a couple of rows to the market, yesterday i found a spot close to the end of the parking lot. For a small town like cville there sure are a lot of people.

My partner lost a classmate to swine flu in december. A 26 to 30-year-old with asthamatic problems. Had flu, got misdiagnosed, landed up with bronchitis and other complications. Could not get help fast enough. At times its better to overstep student health and go to the actual doctors. To everyone out there with a compromised immune system- be careful and take care of your health!

over and out

November 16, 2009

The news from Raiwand- A pleasant surprise

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A week ago we were having lunch with a Pakistani friend, the conversation eventually- as always- landed up on  the situation back home. The common consensus was that although we knew attitudes towards the T were changing, but it was only when the masses and leaders stood up and were ready to do something about it would we hope to see a change. Today’s article in the dawn

November 12, 2009

Hello World

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I am back once again after another long break. This time hopefully for good. We’ve settled in, lil guy is getting bigger.  Have started to follow the news once again and will now be back with more regular blog posts.

There is a severe shortage of H1n1 vaccines here to the extent that even the people in the ‘high priority” are unable to get them. Ager US ka yeh haal hai to wonder whats happening in the rest of the world.


August 29, 2009


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Hubby just started school, three days later he’s down with H1N1. To all you smart ones out there, Please stay at home if you are coughing, down with a sore throat, sneezing etc. Esp if you are in the US. there is only one strain out there and its the H1N1 virus. You may have a mild flu, that doesn’t mean that the people you infect will also have a mild case.

Anyone have any interesting ideas as to how to protect the little one.

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