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March 29, 2010

The Oprah Factor

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Earlier in the week I had watched Julie and Julia, a movie about a 29-30 year old new york woman who starts blogging about her love for cooking and her attempt to make every single recipe from Julia Child’s “French cooking for the servantless Americans” cook book. By the end of the experiment the woman had numerous followers on the internet and had received a book and movie contract.

Interestingly today I was watching CNBC and they were analyzing the Oprah factor to see what impact it could have on people. One woman decided to follow Oprah’s advice and live like Oprah. She bought, read and did what Oprah recommended. All in all she wants to live like the way Oprah suggests one should live for a period of a year. What do you know, after three months she too has a book contract.

Interesting chain of events for all you writers out there….Hmm who should I follow;)


March 1, 2007

Peace Treaties and Fresh out of College Peacebuilders:)

After spending 4 months in DC, and after much encouragement from my brother, I think its time to start my own blog.

With a degree in peace studies, it is interesting to see how tough it is to establish oneself. Being Idealists, we embarked on this degree, little knowing, that as there was a small market for peace, there is an equally smaller market for peace builders:) well at least the Fresh out of college ones.

But that’s OK, perseverance was one of the requirements for the degree, and so we have truck loads of it, and if Plan A doesn’t work, we’ll try Plan B, C and D, and if those don’t work, come up with Plan E. We’re nothing if not creative. That’s the way peace treaties are reached, and similarly that’s the way the fresh out of college peace builders will build their careers.

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