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May 4, 2011

Pakistan, the International Community and OBL’s death

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we first heard the news while at a friend’s place. our first reaction :1) relief, our 2nd reaction concern for people back home.

It becomes extremely frustrating when the entire world and their family decides to believe every single thing that fox or cnn or for that matter every tom, dick and harry may say without even spending one minute to think what the news may actually mean and what are the implications and consequences.

The US meda, the Indian media and for that matter many of the politicians in both the countries have had a field day wanting to raise questions about the role of Pakistan in this whole scenario. After two days of nonstop BS on TV one only wants to say two words…….

As a student of International Relations and a follower of politics, I had no doubt that the Pakistan had played a positive role that helped lead the US to OBL, however since we seem to be the first target of most suicide bombs these days it made sense for the government to play dumb, since the first targets would be Pakistani civilians, military and government posts.. For a country that has been through so much, and seen so much violence in the past few years, its citizens are tired of all the violence and would love to go back to a life where their 7 year old will not hear a loud noise and say o it’s a bomb in a matter of fact tone. We would love to see this entire mess cleared up, unfortunately this is just one of the many more arrests/ killings that would need to take place before that happens.

It was finally in the Dawn today that the Foreign Sec made a statement hinting about the role of Pakistan. The Head of the Military has also come out saying Don’t doubt the role of Pakistan.. The government had to wait to see the immediate reaction on the domestic front before addressing some of the concerns on the international front.

Governments are not run where every single piece of information is available to the public, even though the media may wish it was so. Even in the US classified documents are released after 25 years and even then with some censoring.

In the end I think what it all boils down to is a request to people to
A) Not believe everything you hear
B) take the time to analyze what is being said
C) understand the repercussions and long term consequences.

Enough of the venting.. more later..


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