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March 29, 2010

The Oprah Factor

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Earlier in the week I had watched Julie and Julia, a movie about a 29-30 year old new york woman who starts blogging about her love for cooking and her attempt to make every single recipe from Julia Child’s “French cooking for the servantless Americans” cook book. By the end of the experiment the woman had numerous followers on the internet and had received a book and movie contract.

Interestingly today I was watching CNBC and they were analyzing the Oprah factor to see what impact it could have on people. One woman decided to follow Oprah’s advice and live like Oprah. She bought, read and did what Oprah recommended. All in all she wants to live like the way Oprah suggests one should live for a period of a year. What do you know, after three months she too has a book contract.

Interesting chain of events for all you writers out there….Hmm who should I follow;)


March 25, 2010

Comments- Why is there so much hatred in them

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I was reading an article on the dawn blog ” Confessions of a Hijabi” , I then moved to read the comments section. Yesterday I was reading an article on cnn about the new health care reforms and then the comments that followed the article.

After going through both of these experiences and numerous other similar ones, I have just one statement.. what is wrong with people and why is there sooo much hatred. Its like no one has patience anymore and people are always ready to pick a fight. if you read the comments section be it on you tube or on Dawn someone is forever fighting..

off to catch some zz but thought i should write this interesting observation.

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So been spending the last few days trying to figure out how to take the blog back from facebook. But i guess whats done is done. The blog stays there.
If anyone knows how to remove it from one’s profile. Pls let me know.


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