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July 27, 2008

The US and Paid Maternity

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Its baby season in the US. I know at least 7-9 people who are expecting within the next 6 months. That brings us to the question of whose getting paid maternity, who isn’t?

So after doing some reseach I came across a few interesting articles. According to the authors of these articles the US stands next  to Papua new Guinea as far as maternal benefits go. Most place will not offer paid maternity,  other places do so after you have completed at least a year with them, and that too if they have a short term disability option, many others expect you to take paid leave read vacation days to take maternity..  very few places provide three months of paid maternity.

Employers have been on record for saying if we offer better maternity benefits we will encourage people to have more kids.. yea  he was a guy.. talk abt too much equality, do you want women to give up their choice to have a family 😎  one won’t be able to hire people in 40 years here  if this negative attitude towards child bearing continues.  Then they might turn into Germany where the government offers people incentives to have a large family..

Moral of the story before you decide to have a kid, go to Europe or Canada at least you’ll get a year off, even father’s get three months in Canada:)  Even in PK you get 3 months off no questions asked…..


Pakistan, Politics and the Bird flu

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Our politicians are at it again, this time at a small town level in NWFP.  Rich farmers with political affiliations have been pushing local administrators to transfer local officials who are actually doing their jobs. A local poultry official was recently transferred for daring to say that there was bird flu in the area. the poultry industry in the area said it was a conspiracy against them that the WHO and the local poultry officer had declared the area had issues.. Puhlleezzz…   so now we have political decisions that sound strangely reminiscent of the 80’s and the 90’s.  This practice needs to be checked ASAP otherwise even those who want to work won’t be able to get too much done.

I am quite impressed by Zardari and Co. It hasn’t even been 6 months and I’m already wishing someone would throw them out. That’s the shortest span i’ve ever had before. Usually it would last at least a year.

But as the every optimist, things will improve, they always have, its a matter of when. Positive things are happening at individual levels we just don’t see the wider impact of it, since they tend to get overshadowed by our ever news making politicians.

July 2, 2008

Power of the pen

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So I finally discovered the design option at wordpress. My sis who just started who own blog had to show it to me, so now we know who has the tech degree in the family. I guess the power of the pen does identify the reasons so many of us have started writing blogs..

The Pakistani political situation keeps reminding me why democracy is something we love to hate. Our esteemed politicians are more concerned about transferring poor poultry officers for doing their jobs in order to please land lords and farm owners then they seem to be in bring some semblance of peace in our border regions.

This is our country too, and it deserves a lot better then what we have out there..

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