Desi in DC

February 13, 2008

some ramblings of a dcite.

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I seem to have gotten into the habit of disappearing.. anyway I am back… Weather in dc is not something to write home about. Saw people slipping all over the place b/c of the ice on the side walks… But I also realized people’s humanity comes out in horrible weather…

As I walk around DC i wonder how can this city be the capital of the world’s most powerful country.. with its homeless people and people who can barely afford to feed themselves or their families…Like most other countries it has its rich and elite and then it has its extremely poor…

I learned to appreciate our society by living in DC. the concept of having an open mosque became clearer to me as I saw a homeless man squatting on the floor, protecting himself from the cold with a Express and a New york times as his protection.. He had probably not showered in about a month. As I walked another block I cam across another homeless woman begging for money.

I know we have it bad back home, but at least till it is present let us appreciate some of the humanity whereby one can knock on a strangers door and ask for food..

over and out.. I will be back to write some more on the politics in Pakistan..


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