Desi in DC

January 24, 2008

..Changing faces..

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I seem to have not written much in a very long time. Situation in Pakistan remains unpredictable, but as I keep telling the people here Pakistanis have a very high tolerance for instability ( Mashallah I must add)..

I just hope the new elections will bring some sanity with it.

 As for Mr Imran Khan and his statements.. I must say he has disappointed many young people. We had looked up to him in the hope that he would be the saviour.. the first thing he did once he got elected was to join ranks with the maulvis, then secondly he starts defending BB and NS in the interest of Democracy, the same people that he had said we had come into politics to fight against.. so that the people could have a third choice..

 Doesn’t that sound familiar??? Our Pres and Imu seem to have much more in common then they would like to think.

 Over and out..


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