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December 28, 2007

Death through Recklessness?

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I am still glued to the television but my sadness and depression are slowly being replaced by anger and frustration as I hear reports about people blaming the government for a lack of security. I still feel sad and depressed for BB’s family and the country but I feel the need to write this..

As the Pakistani Ambassador to the US pointed out. BB was shot after she stood up through the sun roof to wave to the public after leaving the rally. No amount of security could have prevented that.

After the Karachi bomb blast one would have hoped that our leaders would take responsibility for their actions as well. When the Pakistani government cancelled the Rawalpindi Rally in November citing security reasons, the PPP and other political parties stated that the government was preventing them from campaigning.  Now that the government allowed the rallys they blame the govenrment for what happened.

At the other end, in the US, the media seems to go on and on about the impact this will have on the War on T and how this will distract Musharraf from focuing on it. Hearing those statements is equally frustrating for the country is burning and people have died and all that cnn seems to be talking about is the impact on the War on T.

One can just hope that the government quickly calls in the army and helps resolve the law and order situation.  following the news on tv reminds me of a movie named Is raat ki subha nahin (literal translation:This night has no morning). I hope the morning brings some sanity with it…… 



  1. The common consensus is that you should submit this particular entry to Dawn, as a letter to the editor.

    Comment by Nida — January 1, 2008 @ 10:58 am | Reply

  2. I relate to this particular recklessness , the recent GO MUSH GO ! regime , and the current media created hype . The entire BB fiasco and the current situation of Pakistan, once can only hope that when the REAL drama unveils we have all have the patience to endure it . However we also need to cut through the common consensus , how many times are we willing to rely on the army to make changes? . NO matter how many benefiting points we may provide the fact remains that we need to educate our people , we need fresh intellectuals with a polished manner of politics ! lets not assign other organizations the work they aren’t designed to look after.

    Comment by Sana — June 6, 2008 @ 9:39 am | Reply

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