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December 29, 2007

Of Fear and Hope

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Its late Friday night in DC. Saturday morning in Pakistan. My sadness and anger are now being replaced by fear for the future. Everyone that I speak too keeps telling me to pray for the country. that scares me even more. I have grown up in Karachi and seen it through its worst, but the stories that I am hearing right now seems to leave those far behind. Trains are stuck in interior sindh and in neighbouring provinces, b.c it is too unsafe to have them reach their final destination. Women and children inside those trains are on the verge of running out of water and food and may have already done so. There were rumours running around in the city that the water supply had been poisoned. These were later denied by the authorities.

Flights leaving the city had been cancelled or delayed earlier during the day. The news from the western media doesn’t help either, where they keep focusing on Pakistan’s nukes and what the government in DC should be doing.  Furthermore they keep suggesting Zardari’s name which would make the situation even worse. Analysts in the west keep talking about the possibility of the country being on the brink of breaking up. It makes me want to scream out loud that this is my country that they are referring to. It is not some “thing”.  The analyst and the media seem to be making the situation even worse.

I refuse to lose hope. I may be in shock and depressed, but i refuse to lose hope. our prayers are with everyone back home. Pls be safe.

a very very worried Pakistani.


December 28, 2007

Death through Recklessness?

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I am still glued to the television but my sadness and depression are slowly being replaced by anger and frustration as I hear reports about people blaming the government for a lack of security. I still feel sad and depressed for BB’s family and the country but I feel the need to write this..

As the Pakistani Ambassador to the US pointed out. BB was shot after she stood up through the sun roof to wave to the public after leaving the rally. No amount of security could have prevented that.

After the Karachi bomb blast one would have hoped that our leaders would take responsibility for their actions as well. When the Pakistani government cancelled the Rawalpindi Rally in November citing security reasons, the PPP and other political parties stated that the government was preventing them from campaigning.  Now that the government allowed the rallys they blame the govenrment for what happened.

At the other end, in the US, the media seems to go on and on about the impact this will have on the War on T and how this will distract Musharraf from focuing on it. Hearing those statements is equally frustrating for the country is burning and people have died and all that cnn seems to be talking about is the impact on the War on T.

One can just hope that the government quickly calls in the army and helps resolve the law and order situation.  following the news on tv reminds me of a movie named Is raat ki subha nahin (literal translation:This night has no morning). I hope the morning brings some sanity with it…… 

December 27, 2007

A worried Karachite.

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I am sitting here in DC. I have been glued to the television for the last 8 hours. there is a feeling of sadness and anger inside me. I worry about what will happen to Pakistan. I didn’t like BB and I am depressed. I can’t imagine what her supporters must be going through. I feel extremely sad for her kids. But more then anything I worry about what will happen in Pakistan. I worry about what will happen in Karachi.

I have friends who are leaving msn message telling people to stay indoors.

The news coming out is not good. Riots have been reported from all over the country.

I appreciate the call for calm made by representatives of Aaj Tv. I hope the dawn brings some sense to the PPP workers and lets them see what they are doing.

may God Keep Pakistan and everyone in the country Safe.

over and out.

a worried and speechless Pakistani.

December 18, 2007

Of BB, Emergency and the birdflu

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I am finally back after disappearing for a few weeks in between. Much has happened in Pakistan. Our President has paved the way for Ms BB to rule the country again. I seem to be see sawing between respecting our President and wanting to have him removed for allowing BB to come back.

But another important news that is just now gaining world attention and is a source to concern to many all over the world is the occurance of human cases of the Bird flu in NWFP.  If the proper authorities do not take the proper care Pakistan could well be named the most dangerous country to visit and this would not be because of the terrorists but instead because of biology.

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