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November 27, 2007

The People of Swat

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DAWN News reports that the Pakistani Military has reported Big Gains in the Swat Valley. The report also stated that the Military has taken control of  the FM radio Station being run by Maulvi Fazlullah.

I hope the news is true. I know for some people it seems that the government is targeting its own people, and I know for the people of Swat its not easy having to leave their houses not knowing whether they will have survived the heavy military firing etc. But its equally important to remember the wider picture. It is these poor people of swat who have had to deal with M F. It is these people who have had to shut down their girls schools, barbars and local musicians have found themselves out of business after receiving threats. Tourism, the mainstay of the region has almost disapeared due to the prevailing conditions.

I am a peacebuilder, I am not supposed to condone violence, but in this instance the army has my support. Watching some group control and impose its values for quite a few months now has been enough for me to want and support the military action.

I just hope that the government clears up the mess once and for all so that the “taliban” don’t oppress the area again and the people of swat don’t need to suffer endlessly. I hope the people of Swat are soon able to return to their lives without fear of bomb threats.

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