Desi in DC

November 9, 2007

Of BB, Masses, Silent majority and the Emergency

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You won my vote Mr President when you put BB under house arrest. For why should she be allowed to make speeches when everyone else is under house arrest. Enough people have sacrificed their lives for her first rally for her to be given an opportunity to do another .

The one thing that still confuses me is what are the people protesting against? It is extremely important to identify this. Many people that I have spoken to.. for them musharaff is not the problem.. for them its the emergency, the crushing of the supreme court, the stripping of civil rights and the media blackout.

For others especially politicians its seems to be musharaff.. they want an opportunity to come back into power and raid the country even more.

for many others, the silent majority, people think even if anyone else comes they will raid the country too.

Mr president we don’t have anything against you. We in fact agree that you have done good for the country, we also agree that the country has no other alternative candidate.. but mr president if you know this, don’t take the country and its people for a ride..

We have to many expectations and too many young people. Don’t teach them a lesson that you don’t want them to apply in the next generation.

Over and out.


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