Desi in DC

November 5, 2007

God takes care of Pakistan

2 days have gone, we’re all back at work.

so what has happened in the last 2 days. According to Reuters mush has said that elections will be held on time, or at least within the same period.  lets wait and see what happens.

It has been interesting to see the role of the Internet.

8 yrs ago the internet was just starting to gain popularity. During the blackout then although were able to gain news, it was in no way comparable to what we are able to do today.

so thank you all of you who have contrived to make the media available to all of us online.  I was able to hear mush’s speech online. not much of a speech but was at least able to hear what he had to say.

Its frustrating to hear the news, but to quote one of my KU professors.. God takes care of Pakistan. The country has been through so much, and so often that only God is responsible for its survival.  come what may we will survive b/c God takes care of Pakistan;). Interesting belief don’t u think. Its what makes all of us keep going.

On a side note.. saw a documentary on the actual blood diamonds.. ( not the movie) it put things in perspective. We still have a lot going for us. its just time for all of us to put our act together and start doing our bit.

Over and out.

A frustrated yet still optimist pakistani

PS: dawn website has a link connecting to their tv channel.. its working on and off. but good source of news.


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