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November 3, 2007

8 years and Back to square one.

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8 Years later and we’re back to square one. 8 years ago in October 1999 Gen Pervaiz Musharaff and his army came into power through a coup. 8 years ago we were amongst the happiest people and thanking God that he had done so.

8 years later musharaff has once again declared an emergency and we can’t stop cursing him enough.

What has happened to bring about this change?

Musharaff stated in his speech to the nation that the nation is heading in a downward spiral, frankly none of us deny it. watching the news coming out of Pakistan has been extremely worrying.

security is almost non existent, with suicide bombers attacking almost weekly in some part of the country or the other..

prices have sky rocketed. When i left for school three years ago, milk was Rs 29 a kilo ( tetra pack) it is now sitting at Rs 44. tandoori naan is being sold in black for up to Rs 6 or 7.

the macro economic factors may be positive but the micro economic factors seemed to be heading downwards especially with inflation rising.

The rule of extremists groups seems to be rising in the north of Pakistan. Girls schools are being threatened, music shops seem to be bombed and painters, musicians and barbers are trying to relocate or start a living with a new occupation. The government doesn’t seem to have paid too much attention to the plight of the people.

Musharaff said what he is doing is in the interest of the country. He said in his speech that the supreme court is going out of control and that the media should have the freedom but also should take responsibility and that they should show positive things rather then portray negativity.

Is showing positivity when people are dying, and when the poor man can barely afford to eat 1 square meal a day rather then two,, is that not being like an ostrich with its head in the ground?

Is asking the police to locate the “missing people” and return them home, or asking the local government to take action against the excessive load shedding and traffic jams causing immense hardships for the people interfering?? Although I don’t agree with everything that the SC has done, for the first time it seemed there was finally some place that could represent the plight of the people, and maybe deal with issues that everyone was thinking about, and if nothing at least have a place to voice them.

8 years ago, we had a prime minister who was close to acting as a dictator, we had two prime ministers who had between them managed to rape the country in all manner.

8 years later, our saviour signed an agreement with one of these leaders in the interest of maintaining his post. 8 years later and as mentioned insecurity has skyrocketed, as had inflation.

I agree positive things have happened, but those too seem to be collapsing.. with the rains in karachi, the development work landed up creating hurdles in people’s live rather then benefiting them.. In the interest of democracy you are pushing one of the most corrupt leaders back to the people..

at the end of it all,, people are just tired.. they were promised so much,, and every single leader has disapointed them. including our current leadership.

We had hopes, we knew that things would be difficult, but to come back to square one after 8 years is simply heartbreaking.

to look at the situation in Pakistan and to acknowledge that things were bad during the 1990’s but the situation in 2007 is a lot worse and much more dangerous makes one think where are we headed.

I hope and wish that we have hit rock bottom and things can only get better, but maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part.

My God take care of Pakistan.


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