Desi in DC

October 19, 2007

October 18th- a black day in our history:(

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130 ppl dead, more then 540 people injured. amongst the dead are many police officers and party workers. their is a sense of sadness amongst everyone that I know, especially amongst Karachities..

I am sad b/c of the number of innocent people and police officers who have laid their lives in trying to protect one of the most corrupt leaders of our country.

If Benazir is the great leader that she is, she will quit blaming the government for the attacks and for once do somthing positive and ask her party workers to not lose their sense of control and go crazy creating a further sense of insecutity within the city.

The city is in a state of shock by this event, burning cars and petrol pumps etc can only harm it more.

I find it extremely frustrating that the PPP representatives are blaming the government. in the interest of objectivity, it was BB who thanked the city Government for allowing her people close to her. If there are 150,000 people, and you want them around you, then even the best laid security plans wil lend up having flaws within them. The fact that she is still alive has a lot to do with the security plans and the fact that so many of the policement were ready to die in trying to protect her, as were her party workers.

It sadly disgusts me that according to the western media BB is ‘adored by milions” and “dispised by many” the truth of the matter remains that the millions are indifferent or disgusted. there is a sense of sadness and tiredness as I try and think about my country’s future. Much as I want what is good for my country, every time I think of a probable future political leader, I draw a blank.

The swiss courts have yet to decide what to do with a case againt BB and her husband. It is sad how none of the western media does an indepth study of her finances… for that matter– how did she pay for all that publicity… was it maybe ummmmm the money she laundered and ran away with?? what do u think???


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