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October 4, 2007

In the interest of national reconciliation

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The latest “word” that is being thrown around by our President and lady in waiting seems to be “in the interest of national Reconciliation”. I attended a talk by a high level official in dc this week. On questioning how and why the government was even thinking about granting amnesty to corrupt politicians, what do you know– I hear the word again. To quote this official “We are doing it in the interest of “national reconciliation” ”

Then Ms Bhutto stated in an article in the washington Post, that she wanted to return to Pakistan to help in the fight against extremism. I agree with her that Pakistan is a country of moderate centrists, and that we only need for these moderates to speak up and reject all elements of extremism. But I do have doubts about her own belief in her abilities.

As an 8 year old kid, I do remember some expectations and talks about finally a woman prime minister, so hopefully some good will be done, and the hadood ordinance will be removed. The poor women who had been charged under Zina would finally be free to go home.

I was 8 the first time, a teenager the second, but if my memory doesn’t lie, I do think nothing happened. Ms Bhutto was too happy with the power in her hands to actually try and make the maulvis unhappy. What makes us think that she will do something different this time?

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