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October 19, 2007

October 18th- a black day in our history:(

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130 ppl dead, more then 540 people injured. amongst the dead are many police officers and party workers. their is a sense of sadness amongst everyone that I know, especially amongst Karachities..

I am sad b/c of the number of innocent people and police officers who have laid their lives in trying to protect one of the most corrupt leaders of our country.

If Benazir is the great leader that she is, she will quit blaming the government for the attacks and for once do somthing positive and ask her party workers to not lose their sense of control and go crazy creating a further sense of insecutity within the city.

The city is in a state of shock by this event, burning cars and petrol pumps etc can only harm it more.

I find it extremely frustrating that the PPP representatives are blaming the government. in the interest of objectivity, it was BB who thanked the city Government for allowing her people close to her. If there are 150,000 people, and you want them around you, then even the best laid security plans wil lend up having flaws within them. The fact that she is still alive has a lot to do with the security plans and the fact that so many of the policement were ready to die in trying to protect her, as were her party workers.

It sadly disgusts me that according to the western media BB is ‘adored by milions” and “dispised by many” the truth of the matter remains that the millions are indifferent or disgusted. there is a sense of sadness and tiredness as I try and think about my country’s future. Much as I want what is good for my country, every time I think of a probable future political leader, I draw a blank.

The swiss courts have yet to decide what to do with a case againt BB and her husband. It is sad how none of the western media does an indepth study of her finances… for that matter– how did she pay for all that publicity… was it maybe ummmmm the money she laundered and ran away with?? what do u think???


October 18, 2007

In the interest of national reconciliation-2

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if BB’s return is in the interest of national reconciliation, why is it then that once again in a press conference Ms Bhutto raised the Sindhi Punjabi issue. If she is meant to come home to unite the country, then why is she raising the issue of ethnicity on the eve of her departure. 

 BTW all the schools kids must be loving ms Bhutto, after all they got a day off from school b/c of her.

October 4, 2007

In the interest of national reconciliation

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The latest “word” that is being thrown around by our President and lady in waiting seems to be “in the interest of national Reconciliation”. I attended a talk by a high level official in dc this week. On questioning how and why the government was even thinking about granting amnesty to corrupt politicians, what do you know– I hear the word again. To quote this official “We are doing it in the interest of “national reconciliation” ”

Then Ms Bhutto stated in an article in the washington Post, that she wanted to return to Pakistan to help in the fight against extremism. I agree with her that Pakistan is a country of moderate centrists, and that we only need for these moderates to speak up and reject all elements of extremism. But I do have doubts about her own belief in her abilities.

As an 8 year old kid, I do remember some expectations and talks about finally a woman prime minister, so hopefully some good will be done, and the hadood ordinance will be removed. The poor women who had been charged under Zina would finally be free to go home.

I was 8 the first time, a teenager the second, but if my memory doesn’t lie, I do think nothing happened. Ms Bhutto was too happy with the power in her hands to actually try and make the maulvis unhappy. What makes us think that she will do something different this time?

Over and Out.

October 2, 2007

What Right does the Pakistani Government have to Grant Amnesty to Benazir Bhutto?

A leading English Language newspaper reported that the Pakistani Government agreed to grant Amnesty to Benazir Bhutto. According to the report the government has agreed to quash corruption charges against Benazir Bhutto. What right does the Pakistani government have to grant amnesty to Benazir Bhutto?  BB’s crimes affected the country and its people; her crime was against her people, people who were ignorant and dense enough to elect her twice to power, not having learnt from their first mistake; people in a country where at least 60 % are illiterate. [I have given the country the benefit of a doubt by accepting a literacy rate of 40% while acknowledging that quite a few of these ‘literates’ barely finished 4th grade.

What right does the Pakistani government have to grant Amnesty to Benazir Bhutto? What kind of message are they sending across? Raid your country dry, and then live a comfortable life abroad, make contacts with the West, wait till a General comes along, if you wait long enough, your friends in the west, along with the general may be sweet enough to forgive you the crimes that never affected them in the first place? Is that the message that we want to send out to our future politicians?

For Benazir Bhutto, it is not just the crime of her corruption, but also the corruption that her husband participated in, but more importantly the heinous crimes that were committed on the city of Karachi during the reign of Benazir Bhutto.

I have just finished reading Kamila Shamsie’s book Kartography. (a novel about Karachi and its elites though the 80s and 90’s.) As I finished reading the book I was struck strongly by a sense of horror that how could we forget what Karachi was like?

As a child and a teenager growing in the 80’s and 90’s the one thing that I clearly remember is a time of peace and a time of violence. Newspapers have written constantly about the possibilities of Benazir Bhutto returning and how she was the “US Supported” candidate. While reading the book, I was transported back to Karachi in the 1990’s and a statement made by the then prime minister (BB) , that country was progressing and Karachi was only a city of 10 million people. This statement came at time when on an average 20 people were dying daily on the streets of Karachi. It was during BB’s reign that during the first 9 months of 1995 more then 1300 people were killed on the streets of Karachi, most of them young men belonging to the Mohajir community. Between the periods of June 1995 and Oct 995 more then 600 people were killed, with the rate of execution style killings rising. Bhutto was criticized by her own brother for the way she handled the situation. 

The terror that we grew up with, how can we have forgotten that so quickly? Are we really going to go back to those days? Karachi is not perfect, it has often been hijacked by those with power for their own means,  But those who grew up in the city can think of no other place as home and often wonder when will the city receive justice?

What right does the government have to grant amnesty to a person who has committed a crime against people who do not want to forgive her?

If she is innocent, let her fight her cases like everyone else. Although  no case has been proven against her in Pakistan, Bhutto has already been charged for Money laundering by Switzerland. In addition, countries such as France, Switzerland, Poland and UAE have already forwarded information regarding Bhutto and Zardari’s corrupt practices.  How can the West, that promotes ideas of freedom, democracy and transparency, keep pushing someone who is so corrupt, a fact not only stated by Pakistanis but also by European countries.

Over and Out

A very frustrated Pakistani!

PS: Can a case be filed against this decision??Our lawyers and politicians seem to be filing one for everything else, why not for a worthy cause?


References: Asia week summaries.


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