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August 31, 2007

Khuda Keh Liye

Its 1;40 am in DC. I have to be at work at 8, that means waking up by 6. Normally I would have been asleep 4 hours ago, but today I had something special to do. I had finally got hold of a link that would allow me to watch Khuda Keh liye. Yes I know I am supporting piracy, but I assure you I will go watch it on the big screen if it is released in the US and hence pay my dues.

The movie was beautiful, I was ready to cry at moments b/c I missed home, and b/c I am seeing what home is turning into. One of my closest and bestest- if that is a word, stopped talking to me when he was hit by convertititus. Or maybe it was his wife who had it, but I know he was a willing follower. Shoman beautifully has shown the contrast in this world. we’re all full of good and bad, the west no different then the east. I also appreciated the way he shows the humanity in the young kid, and how it keeps showing up everytime he is asked to do something, and how everytime he is brainwashed in the name of religion. Its like people forget their logic in recognizing the difference between right and wrong.

Why can we not have more religious leaders that actually pass a fatwa on something good and progressive and get some publicity about it rather then on everything that is bad and regressive. The most famous example being the latest Fatwa being passed in the NWFP that education for women is Haram. It’s so Haram that we have a haddith that says if men and women need to go to China to study, they should. I wonder how Maulvi Sahab is going to explain that.

My favourite line from the movie was ” daari to Abu jahal ki bhi thi” the idea being, how important it is to focus on spirituallity rather then the physical appearance of things. Why is it that our maulvis concentrate so much on prostitutes but not the reasons why these women have had to turn to such means to feed their family.

I am a much at peace muslim today after having watched the movie. I have realized the importance of knowing my religion, to defend it from its own followers, and too trust the value system that we grew up with, rather then one that is being imposed on us from these “religious leaders”.

I really must go to sleep now, but just wanted to jot these thoughts down.

over and out


August 15, 2007

Yeh Watan Amanat Hai aur Tum Ameen LogooN

Yeh watan amanat hai aur tum (hum) Ameen Loogon. For any Pakistani out there with even an ounce of patriotism, this song raises the question have we fulfilled the promise? have we kept the trust?

Looking at the news and seeing 5 different bomb hoaxes in different corners of the country in the last two days made me realize that even those who have kept the faith, their work is constantly being overshadowed by those who have forgotten their promise.

I am a young pakistani in my late 20’s. As a kid growing up, I wanted to do something that would make my nation proud – Watan aur khandan ka naam roshan kerna. It is strange how within a few years in fact within two years of graduating, instead of an immediate goal it becomes a long term goal, at the moment all one can concentrate on is to make ends meet and just get a job. A Professor once told us that we spend 90% of our time doing 10 % of the most unimportant yet urgent things that when we look back we realize we have wasted our lives and have not done anything concrete. We also realize we have not done most of the important but time consuming things that we thought we would alway have time for.

I apologize to my country for losing the faith. When I am away from my country, I so desperately want to do something to help it progress, when I am back in the country, I soon fall back into the indifference that seems to have taken over the country’s population as it tries to lead a a normal life while the country goes from one crisis to another. I pledge to try and do something positive- no matter how small.

Its been 60 years since Pakistan’s Independence. I agree that the country has come a long way. From hosting ministries on boxes and almost no furniture, to having motorways, bypasses, industries etc etc. But what have we as individuals done. the most common theme that I seem to hear are people’s frustrations about what is happening in the country, but i strongly believe that you cannot blame the actions of even 10 % of the population on the remaining 90. Cursing the nation is not going to do any good. I’ve realized if at the end of the day, all I do is be a good ambassador to my country then that is still better then doing nothing at all.

My dad once told me, that in mathematical terms if you were to divide a number by zero the answer would be infinity, but if you had even one person or number then one had control over the answer. Similarly if there is even one person willing to do something for our country’s future there will be hope and the problems contained.

Will you or I be amongst those people responsible for containing the country’s problems and helping it move forward??

I sure hope so!

Over and out!

A wanting to be an Ameen Pakistani!

PS: For those of you who have missed listening to the song you can hear it at the following link on All Things Pakistan

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