Desi in DC

July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the City of Lights (Karachi)

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I am standing in line at a Barnes and Nobles in Arlington, VA at midnight, waiting to get hold of the latest Harry Potter.

Halfway across the world, for the first time, preparations are being made for a similar event in Karachi, Pakistan We have come a long way, from waiting for almost a week longer then everyone till the 5th harry potter book became available, to being able to get book 6 the day after it was released, to what would now be the ability to share the experience with millions all over the world.

Like my sister predicted, a place like Karachi, it was what it was- wishful thinking. The night before the event, police officers had to diffuse a bomb in an area very close to where the 4:am book release was going to take place. Naturally the event was cancelled.

hearing news like this makes me want to scream, swear and pull my hair in frustration. How can a group of a few people ( tens???hundreds?? maybe thousand??) definitely not more) hold a country of millions hostage. Are we not to enjoy anything, are we to be always dependent on what joy these “would be defenders of the faith” will allow the rest of the country of moderate Muslims to enjoy? Are our children to grow up in this unpredictability? I know we grew up in that atmosphere, but are we to have another generation go through the same?

As a wise journalist once said.. it only takes a few to create destruction.. it only took 5 to create havoc in Bali. So are we going to allow these small numbers hold us hostage?

God help Pakistan, and help us get rid of these so called defenders.

over and out

A frustrated desi!!!


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