Desi in DC

July 11, 2007

US policy and Muslim Communities.

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I know i had disappeared but much has happened.

Today I attended an interesting congregation of US leaders, academics, Muslim Americans, Jewish leaders, media experts, conservatives, liberals etc etc etc in DC. The common concern- how to impact the downward spiraling of relations between the US and Muslims all over the world? How to ensure that US actions do not further harm relations?

Being a Muslim, born in a Muslim country, having spent the last few yrs in the west it is an issue close to home, and hence I have a personal interest in seeing these relations improve. both because A) I don’t want bad relations to prevent others from getting the rich experience and opportunities that I have had in my interaction of the two culture and B) b/c worsening relations due to US actions is creating more problems at home, when a larger number of people join extremist groups due to frustration caused by US actions. As some intelligent American said regarding American policy and Actions: ” we are creating terrorists faster then killing them”

Polling data shows that Muslims outside the US value and appreciate  the same top two things about the US that most Americans value ie democracy/ liberty and technology. ( a complete contrast to the current administration’s stance  on they hate us for our values and freedom) it also shows that more then 50% of Americans know nothing or know very little about Islam and about 1/3 believe that Islam espouses violence.

Data also shows that quite a large population of Americans believe that the problem is a matter of miscommunication and misunderstanding. They believe American actions have been misrepresented and so feel its a communications issue that can be overcome by reducing the communication gap. polls also show for most Muslims it is a policy issue and that people recognize that their problem is with the US foreign policy.

for Muslims outside the US these are obvious issues, it just waits to be seen when these issues will become obvious to those within the US.

the group that met today has a difficult task of coming up with solutions to address these different paradigms of thinking.

Over and out.


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