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May 16, 2007


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The city of Karachi has seen many spurts of violence over its history, especially during my teenage years. I don’t however remember having the road to the airport blocked or having dead bodies lying on the road b/c no ambulances could reach them. That was a new chapter in Karachi’s history.

Growing up, like many other Karachiites I used to support the MQM, the representatives for the middle class in Karachi. Over the years I have completely lost respect for them. I still have respect for a few of its members who recently resigned as a protest against the violence enforced on the city by their own party.

What I don’t understand is how can one man rule such a huge group of people without even setting foot in the country in the last decade and more. Karachi University gave me the perfect opportunity to see the impact this one man had on his party. We celebrated his birthdays, his marriage, we even celebrated his wife’s pregnancy.. in return the city has been ‘thanked’ by violence..It is easy to order it when your own life or that of your family is not in danger since you no longer live in the country of your origin.

When will the people of Karachi wake up and refuse to allow a single man to dictate their lives. I hope for the sake of Pakistan that it is soon!!

Over and out

A worried Karachiite


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