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April 26, 2007


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As I sit here correcting a practice SAT test that some high school students took, I am stunned by the level of education. While some students seem well of their way to becoming college freshmen, at least half of them seem unable to cope with high school let alone college.

while reading some of the work, I am reminded of students I had taught back home, for whom English was a secondary language. Many of these students only started learning English in 5th or 6th grade and that too three times a week for 30 min at a time.

It was shocking to see a similar standard in 20 % of the class where English is supposed to be the mother tongue as well as the language of instruction.

I believe the educational system that divides students into advanced, and or slow does not do justice. While students who are gifted, should be provided with opportunities, those that are slow learners cannot be parceled off to classes for ” slow learners”. By doing this not only are we doing an injustice to society we are also doing a great injustice to the students themselves.

If 16 year olds have a problem writing a 10 line paragraph on any topic, then I believe their is something massively wrong in the system that has allowed these students to come this far without correcting the mistake.

Not only are we giving this students false hope, but also setting them up for a great disappointment for although they may graduate from school, they have not learnt enough to enter any college.


April 17, 2007

V-Tech Massacre

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More than 30 people were killed at the V Tech campus today (Monday April 16th). For anyone who has been to schools in the US it is scary to hear that something like this can happen. It brings to light the same issue that keeps being raised about the gun laws. In a country, where there have been so many school shootings and now this college shooting, one would hope and wish that at least the access to weapons will become a little more difficult.

It also raises the question as to what is happening in this society, what are kids watching on tv, and what sort of video games are they playing, and what sort of social interactions are they having that makes them take life so lightly. What kind of influence are these having on their mental stability that they make a minuscule but deadly percentage brandish guns around like toys and kill people as if playing a Dooms game.

Just the idea of something like this happening on a college campus is terrifying, and it raises a worrisome question that what guarantee is there that something like this will not happen again?:(

Our prayers go out to all the students, their families, friends and loved ones.

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