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March 17, 2007

St Patrick’s Day, the Fighting Irish and Cricket!

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St Patrick’s Day, the Fighting Irish and Cricket!

Coming from St Patrick’s School and Notre Dame (an Irish school) , i never quite understood the true meaning behind the university mascot “the fighting Irish” until I watched Ireland tie with Zimbabwe, and now see them well on the way to beating Pakistan at the World Cup Cricket Tournament being held in the West Indies. The luck of the Irish seems to be working extremely well on St Patrick’s day much to the dismay of the many Pakistani cricket fans.

The Irish, no matter how tough the situation, always seem willing to fight back till the last ball, and seem to end up turning things around in their favour.

For the Pakistanis if we don’t win, its ok! We can always support Bangladesh, who beat India in a brilliant match. Maybe the Irish luck is also supporting this team:)

It would be a brilliant cricket upset to see Bangladesh and Ireland make their way to the super 8.. but that is something that only time will tell.

Signing off….

Happy St Patrick’s Day


March 9, 2007

Success, Failure and Survival

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Some one smart once told me, it is as important to celebrate failure, as it is to celebrate success. We did just that today at Swadethai near the Courthouse Metro, a great reasonably priced Thai restaurant in the area.

I am now focusing on coming up with Plans B, C, D and E. I am curious to know what is the reason why so many of the students in this field head back to school. A look at ex graduates from our program suggests that the students prefer to continue on with their education and academic training. After spending 8 months in the market, I’ve realized the market is partially responsible for it. With not enough jobs out there, and where non profits expect students to work for free and continue to add on to their loans, many of these students land up going back to school to look for alternative careers. There are opportunities for experienced peace builders, but very few for fresh out of college ones. I cannot count the number of entry level interviews i’ve taken where I’ve been told “great resume, good interview skills, not enough experience”. Its a “vicious cycle” where you can’t find many paid jobs without experience, and in order to get experience, you just might not get paid, so how are you expected to survive till then. At the most frustrated levels I feel that maybe the elders were right and accounts, and business and CS are the way to go, or then again if you can’t do it yourself, make sure your partner has:)

As a professor very bluntly once said, you’re not going to be making money, someone else in the family better, otherwise you’ll never survive.

March 1, 2007

Peace Treaties and Fresh out of College Peacebuilders:)

After spending 4 months in DC, and after much encouragement from my brother, I think its time to start my own blog.

With a degree in peace studies, it is interesting to see how tough it is to establish oneself. Being Idealists, we embarked on this degree, little knowing, that as there was a small market for peace, there is an equally smaller market for peace builders:) well at least the Fresh out of college ones.

But that’s OK, perseverance was one of the requirements for the degree, and so we have truck loads of it, and if Plan A doesn’t work, we’ll try Plan B, C and D, and if those don’t work, come up with Plan E. We’re nothing if not creative. That’s the way peace treaties are reached, and similarly that’s the way the fresh out of college peace builders will build their careers.

Hello world!

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